Welcome to the future of Bookings at Book My Show — A UX Case Study.

What are you saying about the future of Book My Show? Are you serious about it? Well, you might be wondering about it that how can I predict the future of it. Then, wait till you read this case study completely to the end.

Still, feeling surprised and shock about it. Don’t be. Just relax and enjoy the story.

So, let start the journey of the Book My Show.

How, when, and why it was started?

Don’t worry, I know reading history is a bit tough, but I won’t bore you with so much of history and that’s my promise.

A little history of BMS.

The above history has been taken from the source https://www.ndtv.com/business/bookmyshow-idea-was-conceived-by-3-friends-on-vacation-founder-760958.

So, in this way the Book My Show started.

Before I proceed further on it. Let me give you an idea of what problem I am going to solve here.

Problem Statement.

Project Stages.

This project covers up the 8 stages.

Project Stages.


1.Research.Despite changing global trends and the rise of OTT platforms, the Indian cinema industry remains one where theatrical releases still form the bulk of the business. The OTT medium will remain complementary in its role to the theatrical business in the foreseeable future. Cinemas and movie releases via the theatrical medium are still the major revenue stream for producers and filmmakers, contributing to over 60% of a movie’s overall revenue collection, thus making it unavoidable in a film’s journey.

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Behavioural Insights.

The effect that this pandemic has had on the business has been significant, with out-of-home entertainment coming to a complete standstill the world over. Especially with the cinema halls and on-ground events facing such unprecedented times of inactivity, the obvious impact on revenue has been rare and exceptional.

2 The COVID-19 pandemic has put a hold on not just movie releases and screening but also production, which has impacted the business of the online ticketing site.

The problem faced with public gatherings being discouraged event organizers is bearing the brunt.

Online ticketing platforms continue to charge fees despite the reason for cancellations.

Events such as the Ultra Music Festival, Delhi Literature Festival, India Fashion Week has been postponed or cancelled.

3. As per its Covid consumer survey report 2.0, which focuses exclusively on out-of-home live entertainment, 51% of respondents are eager to get out for live events.

Please come back, miss the BookMyShow gif by Giphy.

Indian consumers can’t wait to step out for on-ground live entertainment experiences, finds the latest survey by India’s largest ticketing and entertainment platform BookMyShow.

As per its Covid consumer survey report 2.0, which focuses exclusively on out-of-home live entertainment, 51% of respondents are eager to get out for live events.

The report is the outcome of a survey of over 2200 respondents, who are active transactors for live entertainment on BookMyShow from across 120 cities and towns in India, out of which 80% are from consumers across Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, NCR, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Kochi. 42% of respondents were aged between 25–34 years.

4. BookMyShow survey finds most consumers open to returning to theatres.

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  • 98% of Indians expect cinemas to implement strict safety and hygiene measures to ensure a safe movie-watching experience.
  • For live entertainment experiences, 40% of Indians would prefer attending a music concert in smaller groups of 50–100.
  • Owners of theatres shut since the middle of March would be happy to know that 54% of Indian entertainment lovers are eager to get back to cinemas within 15–90 days after the lockdown is lifted while the rest would prefer to step out after 90 days. 98% of Indians expect cinemas to implement strict safety and hygiene measures to ensure a safe movie-watching experience.
  • These are findings from a survey conducted by online ticketing site BookMyShow titled Back To Out-of-Home Entertainment. It takes into account 4,000 respondents who are active BookMyShow transactors and was conducted in May 2020 spanning respondents aged between 18–65 years across 235 cities and towns in India.
  • Further, south India misses its entertainment the most, with 56% of respondents from the region eager to catch their favourite movie and/or concert post the lockdown.

Interview Question asked by me to the 5 different individuals.

  • General Introduction.
  • How often do you book online?
  • How did you get into booking a movie online? What triggers?
  • What is your average amount for booking tickets for movie /live events?
  • Are there any typical days/times of booking? Who is your partner in crime for booking movies?
  • How do you decide where to book from?
  • What are the factors that drive you to choose the movie hall/ live events?
  • Is this an individual decision for booking? If yes/no, why? What are the important factors -a movie hall or food, live events or food and taste or price, etc?
  • What do you like about the current offering from the app? What do you dislike about the current offering from the app?
  • What do you use to like about it before the pandemics? What do you dislike about it before the pandemics?
  • What are the key areas of frustration/ barrier for booking movies nowadays?
  • If pandemics time is still going on and safety measures are taken there would you like to book for a movie /live event at a reasonable price? yes/ no. then, why?
  • What is the ideal experience of booking a live event/ movie online?

So, let have a look at what 5 different individuals point of views on it.

2. User Grouping.

2.1 Occasional Planner.

I give this name because they plan occasionally only.

The goals and motivations of this group.

1 Always like to book their movie/live events ticket from the BMS but sometimes plans get cancelled due to some unavoidable reason so cancellation is difficult.

2 A combo for the food and drink should be given while booking.

3 Need advanced notification when the pricing of the booking for movies is going to be high.

4 Need the notification of the offer from the bank for the credit card used to easily book their tickets.

They want the feature of cancellation for the unavoidable reason then they can easily cancel with the 100%refund if it was for the unavoidable reason.

When they are booking for the movie they need to see the combo offer for the food and drink that too at a reasonable price so that they can easily enjoy the movie without taking the further tension about it.

Facility for the credit card used to get the combo offer or the booking offer so that they can book tickets for their family or friends easily.

What are the USP/ unique traits of this group and how do they differentiate from others?

They always love to watch the movie and live events and make their plans but planning is not fixed so they watch it whenever they have time or want to get a break from their daily routine.

2.2 Weekend Planner.

The goals and motivations of this group.

1. Non-availability of theatres adds a lot of frustrations to them during the weekend.

2 Sometimes, the Booking ticket Fees get expensive at the weekend so it should be convenient plus pocket friendly.

3 How do the theatres look during the weekend time.

4 During the weekend as the crowd gets the worst then the seat gets dirty. It should be neat and clean.

5. The feature of showing the availability of the theatre should be shown.

6. Sometimes the theatre looks different than images from the net or on the booking site but in reality, it looks very different from the images seen earlier while booking.

The unique trait of this group is that this group likes to watch movies or go to live shows on the weekend only. As they are free only on weekends and they book their ticket a day before the weekend plan.

2.3 Potential User.

What are the unique traits of this group and how do they differentiate from others?

Currently, they are not using the app but after the pandemic, they can become the user of the app.

Why do they use the application?

1 They book their ticket at the ticket counter and have little idea about the booking app.

2 The showcasing the movie in the description that it may have the subtitle or not will help them to plan accordingly.

3. The price of the app is a bit high so they don’t like to book from the app.

After analyzing the user groups found that both the occasional and weekend planner has the same behaviour.

3.Empathy Map.

So let see what the empathy map has to share now.

Are you ready? I am sure that you are ready.


Your wait is over. Just scroll a little bit, please.

Empathy map for both the occasional and weekend planner.

Here as per observation, people say something but think something else. Then they are having mixed feelings like they are super excited some of them are tense. Some are confused and some have the biggest issue that is the trust issue.


So now let see what we can do here. Let create a persona to make it easier to understand the problem faced by the user and more about the user related to the BMS. Oh, wait you might be wondering what is BMS here. BMS here is Book My Show.

5.How Might We.

  1. How might we help the user by showing the real picture of the movie hall during the booking time?

During the weekend times, the theatres look a bit different after the crowd gets difficult to handle. This is a big challenge as the crowd goes bad during the weekend so the users don’t like the bad infrastructure.

2. How might we help the user to easily cancel their booking during both weekdays and weekends?

Sometimes‌ ‌the‌ ‌user‌ ‌wants‌ ‌to‌ ‌cancel‌ ‌the‌ ‌ticket‌ ‌but‌ ‌they‌ ‌find‌ ‌it‌ ‌very‌ ‌difficult‌ ‌to‌ ‌cancel due to some unexpected circumstances.

3. How might we add a clear description of the movie on the mobile app?

This can turn out to be challenging because the user can’t concentrate on the movie and it’s quite painful because the user has no idea whether the movie will have the subtitle or not.

4. How might we by giving the notification for the offer to the credit card user?
As the credit card users find it challenging to book for the movie during the high booking fees. So they‌ need the for the offer from the bank for the credit card user to easily book their tickets.

5.How might we give the booking fees at the convenience rate during the weekend?

Booking ticket Fees should be convenient. The user finds it challenging because sometimes booking fees for the weekend get very high.

6.How might we help the user to get the notification about the availability of theatres a little bit in advance before the used book on the weekend?

During the weekend theatres booking is a lot of confusing one as sometimes it shows booked can be done but sometimes booking is full. So now it’s time to see the design.

Are you ready?

I am sure you are ready.


Availability of theatres nearby


Condition of the movie hall while booking


Combo offer for food and drinks.


Description of the movie while booking the ticket.

When I was getting the feedback from the users while doing the user testing, then I came to know that combo offer already exists in the app and the availability of the theatre is also there in the mobile app. But the description of the movie is a new thing and showing the condition of the movie hall is not necessary to be there.

Therefore, very soon I am going to add the new wireframes long with the design and it will definitely solve the problem.

In the end, I would like to say that the lesson learned so far is that in life, is to “Keep on trying to find the problem and then try to solve it”.

Thank you so much for reading it completely.

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